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Wednesday Feb 09, 2022

Learn a lot about Princess Diana, Althorp House, her life, family and more at the comfort of your home with virtual museum tours by The Princess Diana Museum. For more information visit

Wednesday Feb 02, 2022

Rest assured that, you’ll feel content by browsing carefully curated, personal and historic artifacts displayed in a 3D interactive environment spanning her life from early childhood through her teenage years until her tragic death. Want to learn more about the artifacts belonging to Princess Diana’s legacy; feel free to visit our website today at &

Tuesday Jan 25, 2022

Princess Diana was an international style icon of the 1980s. Her looks & her life were the reflection of consistent work she did on herself as well as the development of her personality. As she matured, she became more attractive. She was indeed the most photographed woman in the entire globe. & 

Tuesday Jan 18, 2022

The Princess & The Platypus Foundation presents The Princess Diana Museum where you will come across over 1,700 of Diana’s most iconic, carefully curated, personal and historical artifacts displayed in a 3D interactive environment. Now you can witness Diana’s incredible life & legacy right from the comfort of your home. So, get ready to take a virtual tour of The Princess Diana Museum with a virtual guide.

Tuesday Jan 11, 2022

If you want instant online access 24/7 to visit The Princess Diana Museum virtually, you should get in touch with The Princess & The Platypus Foundation as soon as possible. You’ll access the museum from the comfort of your desktop, laptop or tablet computer from anywhere around the world. For more information, please visit our website today at 

Wednesday Dec 29, 2021

 The Princess & The Platypus Foundation presents the beautiful collections of Princess Diana from her childhood days to her tragic death. For more information, please visit our website today at &

Monday Dec 20, 2021

At The Princess & The Platypus Foundation, we wholeheartedly welcome you to appreciate your patronage. So, what are you waiting for! Visit The Princess Diana Museum online and get to know never before seen items from Princess Diana’s legacy and life.

Thursday Dec 16, 2021

The Princess & The Platypus Foundation welcome you wholeheartedly to appreciate your patronage. For this access, you won’t need to stand in long lines and wait much longer. &

Wednesday Dec 08, 2021

If so, just relax, we have made everything easy for the visitors. You will be guided through the galleries of the museum for viewing the personal and historical artifacts of Princess Diana's life by a virtual avatar in English or Spanish.  For more details visit &

Tuesday Nov 30, 2021

At Princess Diana Museum-The Princess & The Platypus Foundation, you can get an opportunity to explore more about the Queen of Hearts!   For more details visit &

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